Fitness Resistance Bands
Fitness Resistance Bands
Fitness Resistance Bands

Fitness Resistance Bands

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This superior fitness resistance loop bands are made of 100% environmentally friendly natural latex. The latex is strong and durable, great for different types of exercises or physical therapy. T
here are 6 different colors for different levels of stretch.

They can be used for muscle growth, yoga and pilates. Thanks to the different levels you can adapt the workout to your needs. The bands are lightweight and portable so you can easily take them to the gym or for travel.

Package includes:
1 Pink band: X-light (3-6 lbs)-0.35MM

1 Red band: Light (10-12 lbs)-0.5MM
1 Blue band: Medium (15-20 lbs)-0.7MM
1 Green band: Heavy (25-30 lbs)-0.9MM
1 Black band: X-Heavy (35-40 lbs)-1.1MM

1 Yellow band: XX-Heavy (45-50 lbs)-1.3MM

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